MESA-01: Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies for Mechatronics and Embedded Systems

MESA-02: Bio-Inspired Robotics and Soft Robotics

MESA-03: Robotics and Mobile Machines

MESA-04: Mechatronic and Embedded Systems for Agriculture 4.0

MESA-05: Disturbance Rejection Control

MESA-06: Mechatronics and Embedded Systems Applications

MESA-07: Embedded Systems Infrastructure and Theory

MESA-08: Embedded Vision and Ambient Intelligence

MESA-09: Mechatronics and Industry 4.0

MESA-10: Smart Cyber-Physical Systems

MESA-11: Sensors and Actuators

MESA-12: Mechatronics and Embedded Systems Education

MESA-13: Micro-/Nano-Manipulation Technologies and Applications

MESA-14: Fractional Derivatives and Their Applications

MESA-15: Unmanned Vehicle Technologies and Applications

MESA-16: Bio-Mechatronics – Medical Devices & Technologies

MESA-17: Mechatronics and Embedded Technologies in Intelligent Transportation Systems