Conference Venue: International Building (IB) 201 & 202

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)

Address:  #No.43, Sec. 4, Keelung Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Directions to Taiwan Tech (NTUST):

By Car

  • Take Freeway 1 and get off from the Yuanshan Interchange down to Jianguo Road. Enter the left lane of Xinhai Road that leads southbound to Muzha District and turn right at the intersection (adjacent to the NTU campus) between Xinhai Road and Keelung Road. Go along Keelung Road and past Changxing Street until you see the Taiwan Tech campus on the left.
  • Take Freeway 3 and exit from National Highway 3A down to Section 3 of Xinhai Road. Turn left at the intersection between Xinhai Road and Keelung Road. Go along Keelung Road and past Changxing Street until you see the Taiwan Tech campus on the left.

By the Taipei Joint Bus System

  • Bus lines within the system that make a stop at Taiwan Tech are: #1, #207, #275, #275(Sub), #275(Shuttle), #650, #672, #673, #907, #11(Green Line), #12 (Brown Line), Dunhua Main Line.

By Express Bus (via freeway or expressway)

  • Fuho Bus (Banqiao—Keelung; Taipei—Keelung; Xindian—Keelung; De-Lin Institute of Technology—Keelung)
  • Keelung Bus (Banqiao—Keelung)
  • Zhinan Bus/ Chungli Bus (Taoyuan—Taipei City Hall Bus Station): serves Xindian District, Gongguan, and Liuzhangli.
  • Taichung Bus/CitiAir Bus (Taichung-Taipei): serves Longtan and Xindian Districts, Liuzhangli, Taipei City Hall Bus Station, and Songshan Railway Station.
  • King Bus/e-go Bus/Chungli Bus (Chungli—Taipei): serves Yonghe and Zhonghe Districts, Gongguan, Liuzhangli, and Taipei City Hall Bus Station.
  • Yalan Bus (Hsinchu—Taipei): except Taiwan Tech, serves Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park, Longtan and Xindian Districts, several MRT stations (Jingmei, Wanlong, and Gongguan), Xinsheng South Road, and Ren-Ai and Dunhua Intersection (located within walking distance of Taipei City Government).

By the MRT

  • Songshan-Xindian Line: Leave the Gongguan station (G07) via Exit 2 (leading to Mingchuan Elementary School) and go left onto Zhoushan Road on the NTU campus and walk a short way to Lu-Ming Hall (鹿鳴堂). Turn right and head to Keelung Road. Cross the road and turn left into an entrance of the Taiwan Tech campus. Or take a short ride to Taiwan Tech on the #1, #673, #907, #11(Green Line), or #12 (Brown Line) bus from Exit 1 of the Gongguan station.  Official website of Taipei Metro:
  • Wenhu Line: Ride Keelung Bus (Keelung-Banqiao) or the #1, #207, #672, or #650 bus from the Liuzhangli station (BR07).

Getting from the Airport to Taiwan Tech:

  1. The most direct and least expensive transportation is by one of the airport buses run by the Taiwan Bus Corp. After you exit the immigration and customs area, look for signs that say Airport Bus  機場巴士  These signs will bring you to the bus stop area of the terminal, where you can buy tickets for the bus.  Buy a ticket for either the Kuokuang Line 國光號 or the Chunghsin Line 中興號 , which have the fewest stops between the airport and Taipei.
  2. There are compartments under the bus which will be open for you to put your luggage in before you get on the bus.  Don’t forget to get your luggage when you get off the bus!
  3. Stay on the bus until the last stop, which will be near the Taipei Railway Station (台北車站) or the Sungshan Domestic Airport (松山機場) inside Taipei. (It really is inside the city!) When you get off the bus, the driver should open the compartment to let you take out your luggage.  If he doesn’t, show the driver the following words: 行李 Luggage
  4. Once you have gotten off the bus and have picked up your luggage, look for a taxi. Show the driver the address of our school: 國立台灣科技大學 基隆路四段43號 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 43 Keelung Road, Section 4

DAY 1 Dinner (Monday 28 Nov)


Located in the desirable Da’an District, MADISON TAIPEI provides discerning travellers superior 24-hour guest services in an elegantly understated urban oasis.

Welcome reception location 1st night

DAY 3 Tour and Dinner (Wednesday 30 Nov)

Glass House No Menu


Welcome reception location 2nd at noon

National Center for Traditional Arts

English tour guide will be
provided. After the tour,
participants can walk around
the place.

Welcome reception location 3rd day

Hotel Royal Chiaohsi

Participants can try hot spring / spa
at this hotel (after the tour). After spa,
we enjoy banquet at same hotel.

Welcome reception location 3rd night